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The Fay Story

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Stephanie Fay (the one with the red bag).  That’s my co-founder, Vernon, on my right (the dude with the tattoos). We run this store together, along with the Fay family and our dog, Benny (can’t forget Benny).
The Fay Family

The beginning

I was a young girl when my grandfather, Stanley (the handsome gentleman with the Fedora), taught me the importance of legacy. Not in terms of money or fortune, but leaving the world in better circumstances than you found it.

Stanley was a bold man. He was a fearless adventurer, courageous entrepreneur, and, most importantly, the backbone of our family. He was born in Poland and grew up in a Siberian labour camp during the second world war. As a young boy he was adopted by the Polish army and travelled with them all around the world. He ultimately landed in Canada with only a few dollars to his name and spent his remaining years building a great life for himself, his wife Stella (the fancy lady with the hoop earrings), and his family.

What’s this store all about?

Among Stanley’s many audacious moves was his decision to shorten his last name from Fujarczuk to Fay because the former was just too difficult for anyone in North America to say or remember. Today my family still goes by both last names – and I’m happy to honour this bold choice in the name of our new store.

And that’s not the only thing we’re honouring. With everything in our lives moving so fast, it’s often difficult to think about how our decisions today affect our world tomorrow – our legacy. Which is why we created The Fay Store. All of the goods we stock are eco-friendly, non-toxic, plastic-free, and low-waste.

We’ve curated some of the best products out there – products that are both good for you and our planet. Products you can feel good about purchasing. And we’ve got them all in one place.

The Fay Family

Our shop name, The Fay Store, carries one other very special meaning for us. It pays tribute to the idea of family and serves as a reminder that we’re all in this together. No matter what corner of the world you’re from, we must all work together to leave this world a little better and brighter than it was when we arrived here.

So, go on – join our family and help us create a little message. We promise you’ll love it. We’re a rowdy, passionate bunch on a mission and we’re looking forward to having you on board!

Stephanie xx