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Biodegradable Cleaning Pads

plastic free eco-sponge

If you’re looking for a good, plastic-free, and fully biodegradable sponge – you’ll love these biodegradable sponges. They’re great for the kitchen, bathroom – anywhere that needs a good scrubbing.

Each pack comes with two sponges. One side is 100% organic cotton and the other side hessian/burlap. So you get the best of both worlds when it comes to cleaning. There is also a bamboo lining, which is naturally antibacterial.


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Biodegradable Cleaning Pads

plastic free eco-sponge

Biodegradable Cleaning Pads
Biodegradable Cleaning Pads
Biodegradable Cleaning Pads


These eco-sponges are completely plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. They're an excellent replacement for the plastic ones many people use. In fact, most cleaning sponges contain plastic that slowly wears away and chips off as you clean, resulting in tiny plastic particles going down the drain and into our water systems. That's why these non-plastic cleaning pads are so great!

One side of the cleaning pad has organic cotton, while the other is covered in hessian/burlap. They're soft on one side and scrubby on the other, which makes for the perfect combination. Use it on pots, pans, sinks, glasses - you'll get a vigorous, yet gentle clean. You can even clean your shower with them. When they need a refresh, just pop them in the wash!

They're also really fun additions to your cleaning arsenal, as they come in loads of great patterns and colours to choose from!

These eco-sponges are handmade by Scrubbies in the UK.


These eco-sponges are made from 100% organic cotton and printed with eco dyes. They come with bamboo lining, which is naturally antibacterial (so there's no smell!). The sponges backed with hessian/burlap backed for excellent scrubbiness.

Also, they're made with 100% Organic Cotton Thread (this is very important, as polyester thread doesn't biodegrade). These sponges are as eco-friendly as they come!


Each pack comes with 2 fully biodegradable pads. The pads measure approximately 14cm x 11cm. Exact pattern placement will vary on each one.

Care and Disposal

You can throw these sponges in the wash as often as needed. We recommend washing at 20°C but they can go in as high as 40°C.

Once they are all scrubbed out, simply chop them up and compost.


These pads will last about 6 months depending on use. Though, if you're not scrubbing cheese-graters with them every day, they stand to last a lot longer.