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Women's Christmas Gift Set

women's socks, candle, soap

This Christmas gift set is the perfect present for anyone who enjoys the holidays and embraces Christmas whole-heartedly!

Our festive gift sets are ideal for friends, family, co-workers, or use it as a hostess gift! It will have anyone feeling in the Christmas mood.

This gift set contains the following:

  • Reindeer Socks: Two pairs of women’s reindeer socks to rock through the season (if you’re looking for men’s sock, please try this festive box), which comes with a cute festive bag and is made with super soft bamboo and organic cotton!
  • Ginger Solstice Candle: This candle is simply delicious. It’s a blend of ginger spice, vanilla, and almond oil – you won’t believe how much it smells like gingerbread cookies are just coming out the oven!
  • Limited Edition Cinnamon Swirl Soap: This soap is Christmas personified and the perfect addition to the season. Keep it for yourself, or share it with the family – it’s a gorgeous mix of cinnamon bark essential oil and cinnamon that really pack a festive punch!

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Women's Christmas Gift Set

women's socks, candle, soap

Women's Christmas Gift Set
Women's Christmas Gift Set
Women's Christmas Gift Set

The perfect seasonal gift...

This gift set comes with a festive and nostalgic trio, complete with eco-friendly box and stuffing. You might also fancy buying one of our plantable Christmas cards (planting the paper will grow wild flowers - for real!). Here are some more details on each item in our amazing Christmas Gift Set:

Two Pairs of Reineer Socks with Festive Bag

These bamboo socks are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays - whether they're a gift for yourself or a loved one!

A new favourite, these sustainable Christmas socks come in a fun sock bag. These exclusive Reindeer socks are made from our super soft bamboo and organic cotton blend. They are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so your feet (and the planet) stay happy and healthy.

By: Thought

Ginger Solstice Candle

Ginger Solstice is a blend of ginger spice, vanilla, and almond oil. Can you imagine anything better suited to Christmas? imagine freshly baked gingerbread! This is the perfect warming, sweet scent for you to relax to over the holidays.

This candle uses a pure organic essential oil blend, no colourants or dyes, and uses local suppliers for ingredients. The jars are apothecary style amber glass with aluminum lids and these jars, as well as the packaging, are 100% plastic free. When your have burnt your candle you can up-cycle the jar!

Each candle is about 60ml and will provide around 20 hours burn time. They are made of 100% natural soy wax (renewable, sustainable resource, phthalate free), use 100% organic pure natural essential oils, use no colourants or dyes, are made from recyclable packaging, are made in the UK using local supplies, and are 100% vegan.

By: Run with Wolves

Limited Edition Cinnamon Soap

Nothing says Christmas like cinnamon! That's why this Cinnamon Swirl Soap is the perfect addition to the season! It's a gorgeous mix of cinnamon bark essential oil and cinnamon powder that we pair with our award-winning soap blend for a bold festive soap.

This soap has been certified by an independent toxicologist, chemist and scientist. It's got nothing artificial - no preservatives, additives, fragrances, parabens, SLS.

This soap has been made using the finest natural ingredients that are full of essential vitamins and minerals to help boost the skin’s natural balance. It contains olive oil, castor oil, responsibly sourced palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, mineral water, cinnamon bark essential oil, ground cinnamon. Each bar weighs a minimum of 110g.

By: Bean & Boy