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1 July 2019

Bathroom Essentials

Stephanie Fay

Looking to make some changes, but not sure where to start? Your bathroom is one of the easiest places to start by making small changes that will make a big difference.

Here are our tips:

1. Bodywash → Soap

Forget your bodywash and the plastic it comes with. Instead, opt for soap. There are great palm-oil, sulphate, and paraben free options that won’t break the bank (we love a good activated charcoal bar!).

2. Loofa → Sisal Soap Bag

Instead of your plastic-y loofa, sisal soap bags are a great alternative (in fact, we think they’re even better!.  You simply put your soap in the bag and use it for both exfoliating and a better lather. They’re the perfect companions!

3. Plastic Bottles → Bars

We know how plastic bottles filled with shampoos and conditioners can consume a shower! Why not switch to shampoo and conditioner bars? They don’t have the plastic casing and come without the nasties.

4. Plastic Toothbrush → Bamboo Toothbrush

One of the top bathroom culprits is your toothbrush. Think of all those plastic handles – yuck! Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. It’s a small change, with a big impact (some even have plant-based bristles!).

5. Toothpaste in Plastic → Toothpaste in Glass or Biodegradable Packaging

Of course, those plastic tubes filled with toothpaste aren’t helping the planet, either. There are so many amazing options out there now that spares the waste. Try natural toothpaste (which comes in a glass jar) or natural toothsoap (which comes in a biodegradable casing) – easy peasy!

Bathroom Essentials Package

Looking to make some changes, but not sure where to start? To get you started, we’ve compiled our top 5 bathroom essentials at a special discounted price